Hi Everyone,

This is your first assignment for Poetry, to help get you started. This is an assignment to help you understand how poems work. Poems are like a composition written for performance by the human voice. What your eye sees on the page is the composer's verbal score, waiting for your voice to bring it alive as you read it aloud, or hear it in your mind's ear. Unlike our reading of a newspaper, the best reading of a poem involves a simultaneous engagment of eye and ear: the eye attentive not only to the meaning of words, but to their grouping and spacing as lines on a page: the ear attuned to the grouping and spacing of sounds.

pinky, ring, pointer, index, thumb
distal, intermediate, proximal, meta and carpal
phalanx, joint, phalanges
calluses, cracks, creases
artist, architect, author
physician, mortician
father, mother
creator, destoyer
Opposable, Disposable
Open, Closed
Teresa, Oppenheimer
Alpha, Omega.

Poetry is better understood once you understand it's different parts (poetic devices such as simile, metaphor, alliteration, etc). We get a better appreciation of the skill that is required to write a good poem when we truly appreciate the pieces. The goal of this assignment is to demonstrate how an appreciate of the parts of something, help you to better appreciate the whole object.
1. Choose an existing concept, idea, or object that has many parts to it that you are familiar with:
A Bicycle: the wheels, the chains, the handlebars, the brakes, the spokes on the wheel
The Eiffel Tower: the foundation, the steel girders, the view of Paris from the observation deck, etc
A Hockey Stick: the graphite core, the resin on the blade, the laminted wood, etc.
2. Next, in your portfolio, insert a picture of the image (remember you must first save a copy and upload it to the wikipictures).
3. Write EITHER a poem that explains the parts of the object in a poetic form, OR a paragraph that explains the parts.